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Spectral.CSF - Hair Stimulating Topical for Women (60mL)

Spectral.CSF - Hair Stimulating Topical for Women (60mL) has a rating of 4.2 stars based on 72 reviews.

Spectral.CSF - Hair Stimulating Topical for Women (60mL)

$ 24.99

    By age 30, women start to notice a loss of volume, shine, strength, and elasticity. Many women even develop androgenic alopecia, similar to men, although the female pattern is more diffuse across the head. Every day becomes a bad hair day.

    Hair plays a huge role in a woman’s self image. But hair and scalp can take a beating from ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollutants, styling chemicals, stress factors, and changing hormones.

    Spectral.CSF is indicated for women who notice hair getting thinner, breaking shorter, or looking older, because this high-performance formula addresses the unique biology of female thinning and falling.

    Formulated to address these signs of aging, while remaining light on the hair and scalp, compared with many of the products designed for men. By delivering with a lighter touch, to optimize hair, fiber density, and tensile strength- now women can experience longer, stronger, thicker looking hair.


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