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Radia Clarifying Conditioner (180mL)

Radia Clarifying Conditioner (180mL) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Radia Clarifying Conditioner (180mL)

$ 34.50

    Radia Clarifying & Softening Conditioner is indicated for men and women who want softer hair and a healthier shine without the dull buildup left by common conditioners. Radia is classified as a clarifying conditioner, which opposes toxic buildup. Dullness and roughness persist when mass-market conditioners are allowed to coat hair fibers with heavy deposits. A good clarifying conditioner, however, resists buildup from personal-care products, including chemicals like cationic cetrimonium bromide and polymers such as quaternary ammonium compounds.

    Radia does not add wax to that buildup. Instead it conditions by softening hair strands with true humectant effects, then applying an amazingly thin biofilm to lock in moisture and improve shine.

    Work thoroughly through damp hair and leave on for one minute, then rinse.

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