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Keramene - Body Hair Minimizer (180mL)

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Keramene - Body Hair Minimizer (180mL)

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    Keramene means launching an attack against unwanted hair.

    As easy as applying a moisturizer, using Keramene means you can depilate — shave, wax, burn, dissolve, or electrolyze hair — significantly less often, with fewer expensive treatments and less wasted time with fewer unsightly lesions and scars and less embarrassing redness and stubble. It means fewer painful nicks and ingrown hairs; less uncomfortable irritation and inflammation. It means fewer dangerous drug interactions and less bacterial infection.

    For those shave their armpits and legs every day, with Keramene users can expect to reduce shaving frequency to 2 or 3 times per week. This means that results from waxing can now last longer than ever before!


    Who needs Keramene?

    Keramene is indicated for men and women embarrassed by excessive or unsightly body hair, especially those who routinely depilate or elipate the back, chest, shoulders, underarms, legs, or bikini zone.

    Why use Keramene?

    Many people endure never-ending depilatory rituals — shaving, waxing, burning, dissolving, and electrolyzing hair — in a futile quest for silky smooth perfection, suffering nicks, bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Some women experience male-pattern growth on the face, chest, or abdomen, called hirsutism, which makes them feel less feminine. Men sprout new hair on their backs, bellies, necks, and ears, even as it is falling off their heads, making them feel old.

    What are delipation and epilation? Shaving or dissolving hairs with chemicals depilates them at the surface. Tweezing, threading, or waxing hair epilates at the root. All such techniques are temporary. Heating with a laser epilates some hairs longer term. Electrolyzing with a needle epilates them permanently.

    What is Keramene's primary benefit?

    Keramene helps users to achieve the silky, seductive bodies they desire, with less of the shaving, waxing, burning, and other depilating they hate.

    How does Keramene work?

    To minimize the frequency of hair removal chores, Keramene slows the proliferation of some hairs and stops the growth of others 1) by inducing follicles into the catagen state so they stop growing hairs, and 2) by suppressing keratinocyte proliferation so remaining hairs grow slower.

    Why have I not heard of hair-growth inhibition?

    The cutting-edge science behind Keramene precedes most published literature. DS Laboratories identified three ingredients that induce follicles into the catagen state, so they stop producing hairs, or suppress keratinocyte proliferation, so hairs grow slower.

    What are the active ingredients in Keramene?

    Key compounds are dormin, a plant hormone also known as abscisic acid, palmatine, an anti-proliferative extract from the Fibraurea recisa plant, and nordihydroguaiaretic acid, a potent antioxidant and hair growth retardant harvested from desert evergreens.

    What is dormin?

    Dormin reduces pilosity by inducing follicles into the catagen state, during which they stop making hair, because the phytohormone is extracted from dormant narcissus bulbs, for which it performs a similar function.

    What is palatine?

    Palmatine moderates body hair growth by slowing the mitosis rate of keratinocytes — the cells that proliferate to cause hair growth. The activity resembles that of a prescription drug, but palmatine comes naturally from the Fibraurea recisa plant, and requires no prescription.

    What is nordihydroguaiaretic acid?

    Nordihydroguaiaretic acid regulates skin cell proliferation to inhibit keratosis and minimize hair growth without cytotoxicity. Its method of action against pilosity may be similar to its anti-cancer effect.

    How do apply Keramene?

    As easy as using a moisturizer, apply a generous layer of Keramene twice per day to the desired areas of the body. To accelerate results, depilate normally prior to applying Keramene.

    How does Keramene impact daily life?

    With Keramene, you can depilate — shave, wax, burn, dissolve, or electrolyze hair — significantly less often. For women who shaved armpits and legs every day, Keramene meant cutting back to two or three times per week. For men who endure too many back-waxing sessions, Keramene treatment means doffing shirts any time without embarrassment.

    What is the bottom line? Keramene users maintain smoother, more seductive skin, while depilating much less often. Some hairs stop growing. Others grow slower. So the hard-earned benefits of depilation last longer, and remaining hairs become less visible. Skin becomes supple, silky, and defect-free with far less hair.

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