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Reparative/Protective Bundle

Reparative/Protective Bundle

$ 75.00 $ 113.96

    Special Combo Offer Contains
    (1) Radia Purifying Shampoo 205mL  -  $27.99
    (1) Radia Purifying Conditioner 205mL  -  $28.99
    (1) Nia Restructuring Shampoo 205mL - $27.99
    (1) Nia Restructuring Conditioner 205mL - $28.99
    All four of our salon professional's favorites together for $75. That's $38 off retail price when purchased individually.


    This sampler is the perfect purchase for anyone who loves trying new shampoos and conditioners. As any salon professional or dermatologist will tell you, rotating the lineup of products you use in the shower is vital to keeping your locks healthy, strong and beautiful. Not every shampoo can do everything at once: some products are best for hair stimulation, others are great for color extending; some work best to repair/detoxify damaged hair, others are best to maintain optimal hydration through dry conditions.


    This handpicked sampler contains the essential complimentary products to put into rotation along with regular shampoos and conditioners. Take advantage of this limited opportunity to introduce yourself to two of DS Labs' salon favorites, Radia and Nia. 


    Radia Shampoo (205mL)
    Radia Clarifying and Softening Shampoo reveals natural shine and softness while eliminating toxin and styling build-up. Unique compounds enhance the wetting of each strand, thereby boosting cleansing action. This shampoo works simultaneously to cleanse and seal in moisture for continued hydration.


    Radia Conditioner (205mL)
    Radia Clarifying and Softening Conditioner removes daily build-up left by the environment and styling products while improving softness and smoothness. Advanced compounds aid in sealing in moisture, rebuild hair health and shield from further damage caused by free radicals. With daily use, dullness vanishes, roughness is eliminated and the overall condition of your locks are improved for better growth and health.


    Nia Shampoo (205mL)
    Nia Restructuring Shampoo penetrates the cuticle of the hair and delivers ingredients deep into the hair fibers through an innovative nanosome delivery system. Phospholipid particles, amino acids and complex antioxidants are magnetized to the core of the hair and stay there. Extracts repel odor and microbes. Using this shampoo will result in fuller and healthier hair that will remain that way.


    Nia Conditioner (205mL)
    Nia Restructuring Conditioner maintains lustrous locks by transforming hair with the latest and greatest in hydration technology. It utilizes a cutting-edge delivery system to physically penetrates the cuticle to deliver its rich, active ingredients directly inside the hair shaft. Deep hydration is a key factor in maintaining vibrant color, an essential for hair that's healthy and luminous.



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