DS Research

Research & Development

This is the mandate and corporate philosophy of DS Laboratories that fuels the research and development of new products and keeps us at the forefront of innovation. Each DS Laboratories product is a genuine innovation and the result of a blank-slate approach to product development.

Completely ignoring market trends, we pursue only breakthrough technologies and create solutions that combine the latest clinical research. Therefore using a DS Laboratories product is to experience a complete rethinking of product function, unparalleled standards of quality, and a completely performance driven philosophy – it is really unlike anything else.

This effort has generated dozens of new technologies that have revolutionized various therapies and ultimately improved the quality of life for many of our customers. And even though we have modest resources compared to some of the world’s pharmaceutical giants, many of these multinationals have partnered with us to gain access to some of this innovation. Many often wonder how we do it, and really what gives DS Laboratories this venerable presence is the relentless pursuit of innovation with boundless passion.


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